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What to Expect


Dear New And/or ‘New To Us’ Renewing Patient,

Thank you for trusting Dr. Blake and his staff to educate and care for you in regard to Medical Cannabis as an
alternative to traditional medicine.  While ensuring the appointment for your Physicians Recommendation for
Cannabis is handled with complete dignity, respect, and privacy, we feel confident you will leave feeling
informed and ready to start your new treatment.
Most patients are unsure of what to expect when coming to see Dr. Blake.  We run our office now as an online Specialty Medical Office. We see and care for diagnosed California Residents who would like to use cannabis as an alternative to other types of treatment for their condition.  Therefore there is nothing unusual to expect.
Simply click below to begin your appointment with Dr. Blake. He will consult with you about your condition and how you can be treated with cannabis.  Once your questions are answered in a timely manner you should be receiving your medical cannabis referral immediately via email. Your hard copy, embossed cannabis referral will arrive in the mail usually in 3-5 days.


Please be on time and prepared with the following for your online visit:
  • Legal Identification
  • Medical Records and/or Prescriptions confirming your diagnosis. (Pharmacies can provide a legal list of your medications – this would be acceptable for use.)
When you finish your online visit you will have multiple original recommendations to use, grow, transport and purchase cannabis at any collective or dispensary in the state of California along with all the information you need to get started.
Thank you again for trusting us to handle your Medical Cannabis Referral care for you with complete dignity, respect and privacy.  And we promise to
do so!
Dr. Blake and Staff