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Cannabis for Dogs

cannabis for dogsCannabis for dogs including cannabis oil can help bring relief to many ailments for your pooch. Including everything from:

  • arthritis in your older doggies
  • helping a big puppy deal with pain of a broken bone from playing too hard.

Creams, pills, snacks, even collars made with CBD oil can be amazing options for owners looking to help their pets with mental disorders and physical dysfunction.

What do professionals say about CBD?

Professionals in the animal care field are beginning to realize the benefits of CBD for pets. Yet vets aren’t able to prescribe medical cannabis for dogs. However, they are suggesting doggie treats that are essentially the pet equivalent of edibles. Vets won’t be prescribing medical marijuana anytime soon due to the fact that there are no laws allowing it. In addition, there are hardly any official testing or large-scale research studies going on now. Once studies like that come to a conclusion then cannabis for dogs and other animals may be proven to be beneficial.

Arthritis is one of the most common pain issues that dogs deal with. While it’s common towards the end of a dog’s life, many active breeds will experience joint pain much sooner than this. CBD-based topical ointments can help bring direct, localized pain relief. Cannabis oil attacks inflammation bringing relief that is often quite substantial and lasting.

CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD as an anti-inflammatory can assist with other issues other than inflammation caused by arthritis. Dogs can experience inflammation due to a number of things like surgeries, internal sicknesses and diseases, as well as bites from insects. So finding an anti-inflammatory that is versatile like CBD can be a sort of cure-all.

CBD for Dogs

CBD is great in helping men and women who suffer from seizures. Now, we are finding out that products with CBD can do the same for dogs who suffer from seizures. Dogs much like humans can experience seizures due to the result of their breeding or other disorders.There are pharmaceutical drugs out there that are available to help with dogs with epilepsy, liver or kidney disease, and brain cancer. Yet many are moving towards the more natural approach to products with CBD.

What else can CBD and medical cannabis for dogs do?

As CBD and medical marijuana helps humans with their pain it also helps with many mental or behavioral issues. The same can be for dogs and the use of cannabis. Whether it’s aggression, depression, anxiety, or hyperactivity CBD goodies can help Rex settle down before company comes over or ease the pain of being away from you for long-periods of time.

If you’re looking for cannabis for dogs – these products are a place to start:

To the question if medical marijuana will be something vets can offer to owners isn’t one will be able to answer anytime soon. We are seeing some states beginning to introduce legislation to begin this process. Some surveys of owners who have given their dogs cannabis products or medical marijuana in various forms have shown great potential. It’s obvious that folks are helping their pets with cannabis based treats. And as more hear about those owners’ pets gaining relief from their pains and stresses they’ll want the same for their pets.

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