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Marijuana Oil Bill Passes Kentucky Senate

Lawmakers appear ready to make marijuana oil legal in Kentucky, after the state Senate unanimously approved a bill Wednesday that would make the controversial extract available to treat children with uncontrollable seizures. House leaders say they expect the measure to pass that chamber as well. The bill, sponsored by Republican state Sen. Julie Denton, would […]

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Mom: Medical marijuana nearly stops girl’s seizures

A 4-year-old girl who suffered from repeated and severe seizures has experienced sudden and dramatic improvement since moving last month from Georgia to Colorado to obtain medical marijuana, her mother says. Haleigh Cox was enduring hundreds of seizures a day. That number is down to about three a day, and her mother, Jenea, credits the […]

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Cannabis: Promise, risk and controversy

Cannabis is bad for you, cannabis is good for you – confused? That’s not surprising. Complicated and controversial, cannabis is revealed by recent science to have a dual personality, with a dark side and a more positive one. Radio 4’s PM programme is this week running a whole series on cannabis, and the debate surrounding […]

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