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Meet the Company That Can Start Growing Marijuana in Greenhouses Across the US on 48 Hours Notice

State by state, the nation is beginning to chip away at marijuana prohibition. Especially since Colorado and Washington legalized the herb for recreational purposes last year, whispers of legalization and decriminalization are spreading like wildfire. But cultivation of the plant is still federally illegal, and often as states legalize either medically or recreationally, they find themselves […]

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The Shame of Equitable Sharing How local cops are still colluding with the feds to seize pot-related assets even in states with legal marijuana.

When voters in Colorado and Washington state approved legalizing marijuana in 2012, those votes undermined an abusive—and profitable—police practice: civil forfeiture. Unlike with criminal forfeiture, undercivil forfeiture people do not have to be convicted of or even charged with a crime to permanently lose their cash, cars, and other property. Police can then auction off that […]

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AG Holder willing to consider dropping marijuana from same drug category as LSD, heroin and ecstasy

DENVER – Friday nights are some of the busiest at the Citi-Med dispensary, where for the moment, only green can be used to buy green. In the eyes of the Drug Enforcement Agency, Marijuana is categorized just like heroin, LSD, and ecstasy. It’s why most banks won’t accept money from pot sales. Yet there may be […]

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CALIF: Democratic governors resist moves to legalize marijuana

LOS ANGELES — California voters strongly favor legalizing marijuana. The state Democratic Party adopted a platform last month urging California to follow Colorado and Washington in ending marijuana prohibition. The state’s lieutenant governor, Gavin Newsom, has called for legalizing the drug. But not Gov. Jerry Brown. “I think we ought to kind of watch and […]

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The Margolin Guide

Bruce Margolin is Synonymous With Fighting Weed Busts in California….. The Dean of Weed Defense Attorneys. He has Defended 25,000 Pot Cases and Timothy Leary. -La Weekly “Prop 19: Dreams of Legal Weed” October, 2010/Vol.32/No.48 Read More

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