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More than 100 marijuana shops shuttered, L.A. City Attorney says

More than 100 pot shops have shut down since Los Angeles started enforcing new rules restricting medical marijuana dispensaries, City Atty. Mike Feuer announced Monday.

In addition to the rules prompting scores of closures, Feuer said city lawyers had successfully fended off a host of legal challenges. In one closely watched case, they prevented a dispensary from opening in Mar Vista, securing a permanent injunction before it could set up shop.

“We have a long way to go, but we have a great start,” said Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck, who joined Feuer at a press conference.

The new law, passed by voters last year, taxes such businesses and gives limited immunity to pot shops registered under a string of city ordinances that began in 2007.

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Marijuana: An Athlete’s Best Friend?

When it comes to drugs and sports, the topic is usually performance-enhancing drugs like steroids or strong opiate-based painkillers.

This, however, may be changing. It turns out that athletes are hitting more than just balls these days — many are also hitting the bong to ease pain arising from injuries and, sometimes, to tone down their aggressiveness.

In a recent post for The Denver Post’s new all-marijuana extra, The Cannabist, Lucas Fiser, a  freelance writer for The Denver Post and a cannabis consumer, shared his experience using marijuana before an athletic event.

Fiser first tried using marijuana before a championship collegiate club soccer match in 2010. He wrote that while he was normally a very competitive player, with an impressive slew of yellow cards to prove his on-field aggression, he felt very calm during that particular game.

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The Marijuana Industry Pleads With Congress: Treat Us Like a Regular Business

The House Budget Committee isn’t the most august room in Congress, but it commands respect, what with its oil portraits of former chairmen including Leon Panetta, who went on to be Defense Secretary and CIA director.

But  it was the site on Tuesday of a briefing by the National Cannabis Industry Association, which you can think of as the pot trade group. So it’s probably not surprising that one of the questions asked of Rep. Jared Polis, a Colorado Democrat leading the fight for reform of federal marijuana laws, was how many of his colleagues smoked pot.

Five or 10, he guessed. But he noted he’d never seen any smoke. And besides, since the House is made up of so many old members, the number was bound to be small.

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Does medical marijuana equal bad parenting?

Shawnee’s voice is shrill, quavering — on the edge of desperate. She clutches her 11-month-old son while trying to comprehend the situation unfolding in front of her.

Her boyfriend — her child’s father, Aaron — is in handcuffs.

“Why are you doing this?” she pleads with police officers standing on the lawn outside her home.

“Your baby doesn’t need to be subjected to marijuana,” an officer replies, in an audio recording made by Shawnee on her cell phone.

But she could explain: The couple have legal prescriptions for the marijuana in their home. His is prescribed for anxiety and chronic pain; hers for depression and anxiety.

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Calif. Sen. Feinstein: “I oppose marijuana legalization because I worry about stoned drivers”

Yesterday Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) told the Associated Press she opposes marijuana legalization in her state partly because she worries about stoned drivers. “The risk of people using marijuana and driving is very substantial,” she said. A.P. helped Feinstein make her case by citing “a possible example”:
The California Highway Patrol is investigating a fatal weekend collision in Santa Rosa as being related to marijuana use. A woman and her daughter-in-law were killed when a Toyota Camry in which they were riding was rear-ended by a pickup truck. A preliminary CHP investigation determined that the 30-year-old man driving the pickup was impaired by marijuana and reading a text message on his cellphone at the time of the collision.
If this case is evidence in favor of marijuana prohibition, it is also evidence in favor of cellphone prohibition. By the same token, the fact that people die in alcohol-related crashes is evidence in favor of alcohol prohibition. In fact, since alcohol impairs driving ability more dramatically than marijuana does, legalizing pot might actually reduce traffic fatalities, to the extent that more pot smoking is accompanied by less drinking.
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Marijuana debate ignites local viewpoints

Now that Colorado residents are free to walk into marijuana dispensaries every day, the debate about legalization has spread to other parts of the country, including Baldwin City.

Chief of Police Greg Neis said he recognizes both sides of the issue, but he believes legalizing marijuana would cause more harm than it’s worth.

“I see nothing but problems down the road,” Neis said. “It’s just like alcohol. How many drunk drivers do we have killed all the time? You legalize marijuana, they’ll get in their cars and they’ll drive.“

In addition to public safety, Neis and other opponents of legalization believe it will cause users to head toward new and stronger drugs.

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Cannabis: Promise, risk and controversy

Cannabis is bad for you, cannabis is good for you – confused?

That’s not surprising. Complicated and controversial, cannabis is revealed by recent science to have a dual personality, with a dark side and a more positive one. Radio 4’s PM programme is this week running a whole series on cannabis, and the debate surrounding it.

Key to understanding this strange plant are two of the ingredients that make it up, known by their initials as THC and CBD.

I asked Prof Val Curran of University College London to describe how they work and she came up with a memorable answer:

“In a way, THC and CBD are a bit like yin and yang. The THC makes you stoned, but it can also make you anxious. It can also make you feel a bit psychotic, and it will seriously impair your memory.

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