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Smokables vs Edibles

Smokables vs Edibles

Smokables vs Edibles

Marijuana use has become more permissible and accessible. Therefore people have found more ways to use it rather than just smoking it. From lotions to candles and of course the good ole weed brownies. Edibles have been a long time joke and the stuff of legends. However, the reality is there are so many other ways to consume marijuana nowadays. Yet, some still wonder if it you’re getting the same affects as you would from smoking marijuana. Let’s take a look a bit the difference from eating it or smoking and also how to make it easier to include into your daily consumption:

Does eating marijuana feel different than smoking it?

When it comes to smokables vs edibles you need to know there is quite a difference between eating and smoking marijuana! Smoking it usually produces a high felt primarily in the head. While consuming it will produce a full-body high. This has been know for centuries.

History tells us that consuming cannabis as food goes as far back as 8,000 years ago in Ancient China. Now when it comes to the smoke, burning cannabis in various ways was part of many religious ceremonies and rites of passage. We know this was a practice of many ancient civilizations from the Romans to the Cushites to the Mayans. Often times the shaman or priest of the town would recommend the consumption in combination with the inhalation of cannabis to fully treat an illness or infliction.

Does the effects of eating it last longer than smoking it?

Yes, the high from eating marijuana usually lasts longer than from smoking it. This is due to that when you take marijuana into your body via the digestive system it not only takes at least an hour to get into your blood stream but once it’s there it will travel throughout your body. Plus if you ate it with a large meal this just slows down the process even longer and giving it more lasting affects. Now this not only stretches out the high but lessens it a bit. You may feel just a slight calm for a few hours rather than a quick nap.

So another difference between smokables vs edibles is that smoking is that your lungs introduce the THC into your system quickly. The lungs’ lining and membrane make for a quick entrance into the blood stream. So if you’re looking for relief from depression or anxiety, eating may be the route to go. So, smoking it is still a viable option yet requires multiple doses and consuming it leaves you a little more functional.

How can I easily make something with marijuana?

So you know some of the differences between smokables vs edibles and you want to try an edible.

Well, as with any recipe, keeping it simple is the first step. Also if the main ingredient is as cool as marijuana, making dishes with it can be fun. There are a few ways to add a little cannabis flavor and its benefits to any recipe. Here are some steps to make ingredients to keep handy whenever you’re cooking.

Recipes for Edibles

Using about 6 grams of Marijuana, simply bake the leaves on a low heat. Try 225 degrees for 20 minutes). Then you can then add those leaves to a number of things to give you Cannabis-infused versions. The process is about the same for any of these and is fairly simple:

  •     You can add baked leaves to 1 lb of unsalted butter to make CannaButter.
  •     Add baked leaves to 2 cups of Coconut and Olive Oil to make CannaOil.
  •     Or you can add baked leaves to 2 cups of heavy cream or whole milk to make Marijuana Milk.
  •     Add baked leaves to 1 cup of high proof alcohol (ie Everclear) to 1 cup of sugar to make Weed Sugar

After adding the baked leaves to any of these to a saucepan and cooking again on a medium-to-low heat for about 45mins. You will get you a robust, flavorful Cannabis-infused additive. Make sure you filter out the leaves with some sort of strainer or cloth.

What else regarding Smokables vs Edibles?

 As marijuana use has become more permissible and accessible people have found more ways to use it rather than smoking it. From lotions to candles and of course the good ole weed brownies. Edibles have been a long time joke and the stuff of legends but the reality is there are so many other ways to enjoy marijuana.

If we start to view cannabis like any other spice, garnish, or leafy green vegetable it might open our eyes. Open them up to not only ways to use it but on ways it can compliment our current diet. Looking to get certain vitamins and minerals from select foods is a common practice. Why should it be any different when it comes to cannabis?

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