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Meet the Company That Can Start Growing Marijuana in Greenhouses Across the US on 48 Hours Notice

State by state, the nation is beginning to chip away at marijuana prohibition. Especially since Colorado and Washington legalized the herb for recreational purposes last year, whispers of legalization and decriminalization are spreading like wildfire. But cultivation of the plant is still federally illegal, and often as states legalize either medically or recreationally, they find themselves in short supply.

A former Wall Street banker named Derek Peterson is now CEO of a company that could eventually turn the legal medicinal and recreational marijuana shortage into a myth. The company is called Terra Tech Corp, and since its inception in 2010, Peterson has made it his goal to set up farming facilities in various states to grow legal leafy greens like basil and thyme, and gearing up to switch over to cannabis. As soon as each state legalizes, Terra Tech plans to switch to cannabis production, coming out ahead of the curve.

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