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Medical Cannabis Uses

Medical Cannabis Uses

As we end the year we take a look back on some of the things we learned about medical cannabis uses:

Medical Cannabis Uses and its Economic Benefits

Due to the legalization of marijuana in many places all over the U.S. such as Colorado, Nevada, and Washington it really is hard to ignore the career opportunities opening up for many. In an economy that has been in recovery mode since around 2009, you can not overlook searching for any possible opportunity to add more jobs.

Weight Loss

Cannabis can increase appetite, and is commonly associated with the “munchies”. However, it’s a tool in weight loss by keeping a positive outlook on food. In fact, they may actually even suppress appetite. There is research emerging that suggests that cannabis varieties high in cannabidiol (CBD) may actually suppress hunger. It can help with depression and anxiety- Stress is the leading cause of depression and anxiety, so by using cannabis moderately, it appears to stabilize moods and helps to alleviate stress levels.

Aids in Sleep

Cannabis is a great tool for many insomnias to help them achieve a good night sleep. To achieve the desired effect, try experimenting with different strains to find the right fit for you.  Can treat nightmares and help have positive dreams- As it turns out, cannabis will actually impact REM sleep (the part of the cycle during which you dream). For many people, weed can actually eliminate dreaming altogether, such as someone with PTSD.

Medical Cannabis Uses and Creativity

I think its safe to say that , yes 100% weed makes people more creative! Think of the many legends, such as Bob Marley, Willie Nelson, and even Alanis Morrisette. All spoke into how marijuana stimulated creativity in their work. As for myself, I find that I can find a better flow with my writing and drawing after I spoke or vape.


The Autism spectrum disorder, includes challenges in social skills, repetitive behavior, and challenges with speech and much more. A friend of mine has a child diagnosed in their first year of life, and deals with all of those symptoms, but also doesn’t like to eat food. Whether as an edible or in other forms, cannabis can assist with autism in various ways. There is not currently enough research to show how cannabis can support with autism, however many parents are using the plant to help and are finding it is making a world of difference and is a prime treatment.

Prevents and regulates Diabetes

Cannabis has the ability to help regulate body weight. In saying that, it does help to prevent and regulate Diabetes as well as its ability to regulate insulin production in the body.
Mend and heal Broken bones- Evidently, CBD reacts chemically with the collagen in our bodies, causing the healing process to speed up.


Cannabis is useful in the treatment of glaucoma, and can help to temporarily relieve symptoms associated with it. Many medications used for patients with Glaucoma to reduce the pressure of the eye, are actually not effective for many people. So as an alternative method look to weed. CBD can actually relieve this pressure for hours at a time.

Chronic Pain

Studies have proven that cannabis used in various ways supports with pain associated with many things. Such as carpal tunnel, cancer, severe back pain, broken bones, and much more. A friend of mine was able to get off of all pain medications for her carpal tunnel and arthritis by using CBD topicals and smoking herb.


To piggy back off of number 11, marijuana is helping many people kick addiction. Contrary to popular belief that marijuana is a “gateway” drug, this is helping many people with heroin, opiates, cocaine addiction and much more through cannabis therapy. It also helps with the terrible withdrawal symptoms.

Eating Disorders

Cannabis is commonly used to support with eating patterns and habits. Whether it be to eat more, or eat less, weed helps people suffering from eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.
Helps with Stuttering and Speech Problems- Because marijuana has relaxing properties, when dosed properly it can relax our muscles. Symptoms linked to speech issues include head jerks, facial ticks, and excess tightness, tension or movement of your upper body or face to produce a word etc. Marijuana also helps with the anxiety connected to speech problems.

Calms Asthma

Although this might have you so confused, yes, asthma and marijuana are compatible science shows. Cannabinoid receptors help to control “coughing fits” people have. That doesn’t mean smoking is the method. Edibles are a good option.
We hope you or someone that you love may find this article about medical cannabis uses helpful. In addition, that this will help you in some way! There are a countless number of things cannabis is good for and people are trying it out. Furthermore, scientists are at work to see just how special this plant really is. We encourage you to get out there and do some research for yourself.  We can only hope to spread more awareness of the gift that cannabis is so that more people can reap the benefits of it in the coming year.

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