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Marijuana: An Athlete’s Best Friend?

When it comes to drugs and sports, the topic is usually performance-enhancing drugs like steroids or strong opiate-based painkillers.

This, however, may be changing. It turns out that athletes are hitting more than just balls these days — many are also hitting the bong to ease pain arising from injuries and, sometimes, to tone down their aggressiveness.

In a recent post for The Denver Post’s new all-marijuana extra, The Cannabist, Lucas Fiser, a  freelance writer for The Denver Post and a cannabis consumer, shared his experience using marijuana before an athletic event.

Fiser first tried using marijuana before a championship collegiate club soccer match in 2010. He wrote that while he was normally a very competitive player, with an impressive slew of yellow cards to prove his on-field aggression, he felt very calm during that particular game.

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