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Indica vs Sativa

Indica vs Sativa

Pepsi vs Coke. Visa vs Mastercard. Target vs Wal-mart. Xbox vs PlayStation. Indica vs Sativa

Indica vs SativaWhen there’s seemingly only two choices you will often find folks ardently supporting one or the other and rarely ever both. There are times when someone will shop at Target for one item and Wal-mart for the other but if you press them for their preference, most will have a definitive answer.

In the world of cannabis it’s Indica vs Sativa.

While they aren’t rivals they are really the only two main choices when it comes to types of cannabis. Yet much like the great rivalries of our time there are those who strongly support one over the other. Why they have chosen to take such a hard stance for one strain or the other is most likely due in part to a good or bad experience they’ve had with one. In addition, the effectiveness for the condition you want to treat is also a factor.

There of course is no issue with being a fan of one strain but if you’re a detractor of another, it’s a bit unfair. It’s quite possible you need more information on the differences between the two. Well here’s a little intel on them both.

History of Indica vs Sativa

Now, cannabis itself may have been first used back in Ancient China around 2700B.C. It’s name is dates back to the Ancient Assyrians who called it “qunubu” which meant “to produce smoke.” Hundreds of years later would the two distinct strands become known. Sativa was discovered or better yet, classified, by botanist Carl Linnaeus in 1753. Sativa’s origins are from East to Southeast Asia and into the Middle East. Thanks to European explorers, it’s now also growing in the Latin America’s from southern Mexico down into Colombia.

Sativa prefers the warmer climates that are common to the areas around the equator and grows quite tall because of it. Some plants can grow as tall as 20 feet. The plant itself is usually a light, green color with long, narrow leaves. Now when it comes to the “high” you get from sativa it’s more in the head. The feeling is typically energetic and mood-lifting. Sativa is great for artists, writers, and even athletes.

If you’re active and want to keep your motor running with a buzz, sativa is the way to go.

If you’re suffering from disorders like stress, anxiety, ADHD we recommend sativa’s fog lifting affect. Also those with certain types of cancers, HIV/AIDS, and skin disorders would benefit greatly from sativa. Next time you’re in a dispensary and you see names ending “haze” typically that’s a type of sativa.

Origins of Indica

Cannabis Indica was first defined by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck in the late 1700’s in India about 30 years after Linnaeus’ findings with sativa. Indica produces a calming full body high. It can almost make one feel sluggish. Because of this effect, indica is very effective as a nighttime sedative. Its ability to calm is great for those suffering from muscle spasms, chronic pain, arthritis, PTSD, and appetite loss. Indica’s high CBD (cannabinoids) content helps those with lupus, fibromyalgia, and MS. The plant looks a lot different than it’s cousin Sativa.

The name Indica comes from it being indigenous to India. You can also find Indica growing wild in Morocco, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Turkey.

And what about Sativa?

So we mentioned when you see “haze” you think Sativa, when you see ’kush“ as in Purple Kush, Master Kush or Bubba Kush that’s Indica. The purple is actually a part of the flower that you’ll find on the plant. It doesn’t reach the heights of sativa and has dark, green leaves along with those purplish flowers. It produces a strong aroma that is often earthy, foresty smell with hints of sage or rosemary. When it comes to the fragrance from either sativa or indica that is produced by terpenes. Terpenes are basically the aroma produced by certain plants, grains, flowers, or fruit. Terpenes can help to amplify the effects of both indica and sativa. When a strain of cannabis has a fruity, citrus, or sweet that is because of its terpenes.

So here’s a recap on the two main strains, Indica vs Sativa:

Sativa (Haze):

  • Tall, light green leaves.
  • Energizes and alters mental state. “Head high”
  • Found in warm climates. Southeast Asia, Middle East, Central-South America
  • Preferred by athletes, artists, musicians. Creative types.
  • Useful against depression, certain cancers and autoimmune disorders
  • More THC than CBD

Indica (Kush):

  • Short, dark green, thick leaves.
  • Calming, leaves one feeling heavy. “Body high”
  • Found in Middle East to North Africa
  • Better used at night before bed
  • Good for muscle spasms, body aches, restlessness, nighttime sedative.
  • More CBD than THC

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