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Grow Marijuana

Want to Grow Marijuana Legally? Here’s What You Need to Know

Now that recreational marijuana is legal, growing it is becoming more popular. Still, the idea that you will grow marijuana at home can produce more than a little apprehension. After all, we can all recall countless arrests we’ve seen on TV or have seen a movie with a scene showing a drug bust at a house where the owner was growing massive amounts of pot. To be clear, while recreational marijuana is legal there are laws and regulations in regards to how to grow marijuana. However, they’re easy to understand and getting started isn’t all that scary or difficult. Plus, there are so many benefits to growing your own cannabis:

History of MarijuanaGrow Marijuana at Home – What are the benefits?

  1. Know Your Stuff – It’s helpful to  have a local shop that you trust that supplies quality marijuana. However, shop owners can change, mishandle or comprise their inventory, and/or their supplier could start cutting corners. In any case, none of that is an issue when you grow it yourself.
  2. Cost to Grow Marijuana – When you buy from your local dispensary you’re paying for their rent, delivery, and the markup. After an initial investment your effort to grow marijuana will produce substantial savings.
  3. Gain Knowledge of Marijuana – Once you have decided to grow marijuana, you’ll want to know everything about the plant. There’s lots of info out there so study up. The more you know, the more successful you’ll be at harvesting.
  4. Grow Your Favorite Strains – When you become loyal to a particular strain and then experience it not being available at your favorite shop you’ll be relieved that you have figured out how to grow it yourself. Better yet, you could develop your own unique strain when you grow marijuana.

Steps to Grow Marijuana for your Medical Use:

  1. Visit your Medical Marijuana Doctor

    Under the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MCRSA), qualified patients are exempt from the state license program and allowed to cultivate an area of up to 100 square feet for personal medical use and a patient may possess what is reasonable for their medical needs; the 6 plant per residence limit of AUMA does not apply. This requirement began Jan 1, 2018. The MCRSA contains a sunset clause that allows the collective defense until one year after the beginning of the new regime, namely January 1, 2019. It is debatable whether the sunset clause applies to this requirement. Until then, a patient may possess what is reasonable for their medical needs, and there is currently a draft gubernatorial proposal to amend the MCRSA to allow that “reasonable needs” test to continue instead of the 100 square foot regime.

  2. Research growing laws in your city and state

    1. Prop 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), allows adults (ages 21 and up) to cultivate up to six plants and possess the marijuana from these plants at their residence for personal use (Sec. 11362.1(3)). Again, no more than a total of six plants per residence.
    2. All plants and harvested cannabis in excess of one (1) ounce must be kept within the person’s private residence, in a locked space, that is not visible from a public place.
      But please note that Prop. 64 has statutory language that prevents CPS (Child Protective Services), from interfering with families of patients who have valid medical cannabis physician recommendations on that basis alone; this is not explicitly extended to AUMA users. So, if you are using it or cultivating it for medicinal use, it is best practice to have a physician medical cannabis recommendation.  Your city, HOA or county might have placed additional restrictions on cannabis cultivation. Many cities have banned outdoor cultivation. Be sure to check first!
  3. Determine if you’re going to grow marijuana indoors or outdoors

    Whether you grow your cannabis outdoors or indoors is really entirely up to you and your preferences. Growing your cannabis outdoors can result in larger plants, better quality and overall, and it can be cheaper.  Indoor configurations are notably more expensive than an outside setup but can be more convenient. You can also control the climate and the amount of light. Therefore you can plan on producing crops outside of a natural growth cycle that would limit you if done outdoors. Also, it’s a lot cleaner.

  4. To grow healthy marijuana purchase appropriate seed and choose the right soil

    The best type of soil for growing cannabis is a loamy soil. This is basically a combination of sand, silt, and clay; the most common types of soil. Most potting soils are loamy. They are typically a little soft, with some texture and dark in color. There are several brands out there but so the easiest way to find the right soil is to ask a local expert at your nearest nursery to suggest a soil that would be good for growing things like tomatoes.

 Now if you’re ready to begin your adventure to grow marijuana but haven’t received a medical recommendation yet, contact us today and we’ll get you started with that process.
Medical patients with current physician cannabis recommendations are able to save approximately 30% on their cannabis purchases and avoid the various taxes placed on recreational cannabis. if you are using cannabis medicinally, it makes sense to get a physician cannabis recommendation.
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Cannabis for Dogs

cannabis for dogsCannabis for dogs including cannabis oil can help bring relief to many ailments for your pooch. Including everything from:

  • arthritis in your older doggies
  • helping a big puppy deal with pain of a broken bone from playing too hard.

Creams, pills, snacks, even collars made with CBD oil can be amazing options for owners looking to help their pets with mental disorders and physical dysfunction.

What do professionals say about CBD?

Professionals in the animal care field are beginning to realize the benefits of CBD for pets. Yet vets aren’t able to prescribe medical cannabis for dogs. However, they are suggesting doggie treats that are essentially the pet equivalent of edibles. Vets won’t be prescribing medical marijuana anytime soon due to the fact that there are no laws allowing it. In addition, there are hardly any official testing or large-scale research studies going on now. Once studies like that come to a conclusion then cannabis for dogs and other animals may be proven to be beneficial.

Arthritis is one of the most common pain issues that dogs deal with. While it’s common towards the end of a dog’s life, many active breeds will experience joint pain much sooner than this. CBD-based topical ointments can help bring direct, localized pain relief. Cannabis oil attacks inflammation bringing relief that is often quite substantial and lasting.

CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD as an anti-inflammatory can assist with other issues other than inflammation caused by arthritis. Dogs can experience inflammation due to a number of things like surgeries, internal sicknesses and diseases, as well as bites from insects. So finding an anti-inflammatory that is versatile like CBD can be a sort of cure-all.

CBD for Dogs

CBD is great in helping men and women who suffer from seizures. Now, we are finding out that products with CBD can do the same for dogs who suffer from seizures. Dogs much like humans can experience seizures due to the result of their breeding or other disorders.There are pharmaceutical drugs out there that are available to help with dogs with epilepsy, liver or kidney disease, and brain cancer. Yet many are moving towards the more natural approach to products with CBD.

What else can CBD and medical cannabis for dogs do?

As CBD and medical marijuana helps humans with their pain it also helps with many mental or behavioral issues. The same can be for dogs and the use of cannabis. Whether it’s aggression, depression, anxiety, or hyperactivity CBD goodies can help Rex settle down before company comes over or ease the pain of being away from you for long-periods of time.

If you’re looking for cannabis for dogs – these products are a place to start:

To the question if medical marijuana will be something vets can offer to owners isn’t one will be able to answer anytime soon. We are seeing some states beginning to introduce legislation to begin this process. Some surveys of owners who have given their dogs cannabis products or medical marijuana in various forms have shown great potential. It’s obvious that folks are helping their pets with cannabis based treats. And as more hear about those owners’ pets gaining relief from their pains and stresses they’ll want the same for their pets.

Medical Marijuana of Southern California does not sell cannabis for dogs. We are simply a service that allows you to get your medical marijuana recommendation for a qualified and experienced doctor. Get your medical marijuana recommendation today.

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medical marijuana license

Do I still need a medical marijuana license when pot is legalized in California?

I know what you’re thinking? Maybe I can save money and not get my medical marijuana license.

Let’s go over the facts:

With the legalizing of pot in California, back in 2016, a lot changed. The detractors spoke as if the smell of marijuana would permeate every ounce of air from Death Valley to the coast-traveling HWY 1. The supporters acted as if folks could start smoking joints in line at Starbucks waiting for the new Vanilla Cannabichino. Well neither has happened, though a Vanilla Cannabichino could be a thing.

The reality is, the approval of Prop 64 did have some huge implications but not for everyone. Those it did affect were individuals arrested for non-violent, marijuana based charges. Prop 64 gave the opportunity for the reducing of those sentences. This was similar to the passing of Prop 2014 which allows people who are already serving a felony conviction for [a marijuana crime] to petition in the court for resentencing. Of course, these props have more to do with the criminal justice system, but they do bear mentioning.

Then there were those who already used marijuana under the medical provision established in 1996 who maybe felt now it’ll be a lot easier to purchase. They assume there will be more freedom to use it. It is definitely easier to get with the dispensaries opening up all over California. Yet, that doesn’t necessarily mean using it is more acceptable.

Get your medical marijuana license today using Dr. Bob Blake – Easy, Online, only $49!

So back to the question: Do I still need a medical marijuana license when pot is legalized in California?

In most cases the answer is – it’s better than not having it. There are some benefits like being able to grow up to 6 plants in your home. Getting seeds without a license can be extremely hard. You are also able to drive with up to an ounce of weed, if you’re 21 or over. However, if an officer pulls you over it will be better to have a license in your possession.

If you are carrying more than an ounce of medical marijuana in your vehicle you can face a misdemeanor and a fine of $500. Smoking in public is also not an option. You can use vapes in many. Notwithstanding each establishment has their rules about smoking of any kind. The fine for smoking marijuana can range from $100-250 depending on the area. Also, having a medical license doesn’t exempt you from any driving infractions.

Some other benefits of having a medical license:

  • Any Prop 64 restrictions, limits, commercial regulations, and cultivation tax don’t apply to medical marijuana patients.
  •  Lower fees on things like ID cards.
  • Medical marijuana license holders also have rights in terms of child custody.
  • Break on state and local sales and use taxes if they have a state medical card.
  • Restrictions on the release of medical license holders’ information.
  • 24-hour notice of any request of information from database holding license card holders’ information.

Get your medical marijuana license today using Dr. Bob Blake – Easy, Online, only $49!

So…. Do I still need a medical marijuana license when pot is legalized in California?

Ultimately, having a medical license definitely still has its advantages. For the most part the new recreational laws make things a little easier for medical marijuana users. It also provides them some protection and makes purchasing a little nicer with lower prices in some instances. If you got one, keep it, use it. It can’t hurt and in some cases in certainly helps.,_Marijuana_Legalization_(2016)

Get your medical marijuana license today using Dr. Bob Blake – Easy, Online, only $49!


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medical marijuana license

Why get a medical marijuana license in San Diego?

It’s easy to get licensed!  Check out these benefits!

Years ago finding a doctor to write you a prescription for marijuana was quite the task. Many times you’d have to drive to the seedy part of town to find a less than reputable doctor. Then, you’d have to drive around to find an even shadier store to buy your stash! My how times have changed.

San Diego has never been a hotbed for hemp, marijuana, or cannabis products. Even with the recent change in state laws regarding marijuana, dispensaries aren’t exploding around the SD area. Most of that is due to some of the tough building business codes. Although, now that California has made recreational marijuana legal things are getting much easier. Places like the Medical Marijuana Evaluation Centers located in cities throughout California, including San Diego, are reputable offices where you can apply for a card.

What are the benefits of having a medical marijuana license?

  • Once you have your card you will have a variety of options and opportunities to purchase marijuana and cannabis products that you would not have access to without it. Some of these dispensaries are really top-notch, carrying a wide variety of some of the best products on the market.
  • Also, having a medical marijuana card is not only helpful in procuring marijuana but also with protecting you legally. If you are pulled over and subject to a search, your able to, without fear of penalty, allow an officer to look though your vehicle freely.
  • Remember however, you are restricted from using medical marijuana in the following places:
    • In any place where smoking is prohibited by law.
    • In or within 1,000 feet of the grounds of a school, recreation center, or youth center, unless the medical use occurs within a residence.
    • On a school bus.
    • As a driver or a passenger while in a motor vehicle or boat that is being operated, keep it in the trunk.

Can I travel with marijuana with a medical marijuana license?

Our nation is slowly changing its mind about marijuana use. Half the states have legalized it for medical purpose and very few for recreational use. So if you’re considering moving about from state to state and want to bring some marijuana along, you should probably reconsider.

  • First off, DUI and/or DWI can apply to marijuana as it can impair judgement. Also, you’ll have to consider those who are riding and driving with you.
  • Second, if you’re traveling on roads that might bring you near a state that doesn’t look favorably on any kind of marijuana use you’re going to want to leave your stash at home. Having your MM license is not going to protect you from the local authorities.
  • Lastly, if you’re flying, forget about it. Actually no, DON’T forget about it because if you bring it aboard a flight and it just happens to be in your luggage, during a search, TSA may detain you. In some airports the protocol varies and TSA, being a federal agency, has different rules than the state or city. So do a thorough check of all your luggage and if you plan to buy some on your trip make sure it won’t be an issue at any layover you may have.

What documents do I need to get a medical marijuana license?

  • Proof of Eligible Condition – This could be one of any debilitating illness like AIDS, anxiety disorder, MS, cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Chron’s, Hepatitis C, PTSD, epilspey, and glaucoma. Be certain your condition is eligible with your doctor. Also you can check here:
  • Proof of Residence
    • Utility bill and/or rental agreement forms.
  • Valid California ID or DL
  • Doctors Prescription

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