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Do I still need a medical marijuana license when pot is legalized in California?

I know what you’re thinking? Maybe I can save money and not get my medical marijuana license. Let’s go over the facts: With the legalizing of pot in California, back in 2016, a lot changed. The detractors spoke as if the smell of marijuana would permeate every ounce of air from Death Valley to the […]

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Grow Marijuana

Want to Grow Marijuana Legally? Here’s What You Need to Know

Now that recreational marijuana is legal, growing it is becoming more popular. Still, the idea that you will grow marijuana at home can produce more than a little apprehension. After all, we can all recall countless arrests we’ve seen on TV or have seen a movie with a scene showing a drug bust at a […]

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Cannabis for Dogs

Cannabis for dogs including cannabis oil can help bring relief to many ailments for your pooch. Including everything from: arthritis in your older doggies helping a big puppy deal with pain of a broken bone from playing too hard. Creams, pills, snacks, even collars made with CBD oil can be amazing options for owners looking […]

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medical marijuana license

Why get a medical marijuana license in San Diego?

It’s easy to get licensed!  Check out these benefits! Years ago finding a doctor to write you a prescription for marijuana was quite the task. Many times you’d have to drive to the seedy part of town to find a less than reputable doctor. Then, you’d have to drive around to find an even shadier […]

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