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benefits of marijuana

Benefits of Medical Marijuana – Is Cannabis Good for You?

So the question is, “What are the benefits of medical marijuana.  Is cannabis good for you?” The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t yet approved cannabis for medicinal use, but you can find medicines that contain cannabinoids, one of the chemicals found in marijuana plant. As new researches help reveal medical marijuana benefits and stigma attached […]

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enjoy weed every day

10 Reasons to Enjoy Weed Everyday

Many people enjoy weed every day. While we do not recommend this approach for everyone here are 10 reasons you should enjoy week every day! 10 Reasons to Enjoy Weed Everyday It’s natural Everything tastes better It generates millions in tax revenue It smells great It promotes creativity It can help put things into perspective […]

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Marijuana to fight skin cancer in major human trial

One of the world’s first large, controlled trials of cannabis for melanoma launches in Australia Marijuana is being called in to fight one of the world’s deadliest, scariest killers — a type of cancer caused by your next summer vacation. Researchers at the University of Canberra have announced a $1 million research project with Israel-based […]

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11 Chores To Do While Stoned

1. Raking leaves Your rewarding autumn harvest. Puff, puff, pass and rake, rake, crash. 2. Mopping Mopping the floor sucks. Smoke and it will be more fun. Promise. 3. Organizing your closet With a sweet sativa, this could be your sartorial reality. 4. Mowing the lawn The pattern possibilities are endless when you mow with […]

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