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myths about marijuana

8 Myths about Marijuana

  1. Smoking weed equals you’re a stoner
    In a recent study nearly a 1/3 of cannabis consumers households had combined income of $75,000. Does that mean that these individuals are high most of the day? Probably not. They, like so many others, have found a way to be moderate in their use. Not to mention, while making a decent wage!Statistics state that out of 30-40 million reported users of marijuana 1/5 of them submitted that they use daily. Meaning that the majority use quite moderately. This also suggests that smokers of marijuana can look like business magnate Elon Musk or rapper French Montana or anything in between.
  2. A joint is worse than a cigarette
    The only reason that smoking one plant would be any worse than a similar plant would be if one was poisonous and the other wasn’t. However, neither tobacco or marijuana is poisonous but the other artificial ingredients in a cigarette can be. Smoking cigarettes has proven to cause significant lung damage. Coupled with the fact that lung cancer causes nearly 158,000 deaths a year. 85% of those are directly related to smoking.There currently is no strong evidence that smoking marijuana cause any of the damage that smoking cigarettes cause.  Although this may be true, the amount of smoking each respective smoker uses is a factor. Generally speaking an average tobacco user will smoke a half a pack to a pack a day compared to an average marijuana user who may consume 1 to 2 joints every other day.
  3. Marijuana makes you dumb
    Another one of the myths about marijuana is that it makes you dumb. Now most would probably make this link because of our association with intoxication from alcohol. We know that excessive alcohol consumption is toxic to the brain we might assume smoking marijuana would do the same. However, a study in New Zealand tracked individuals for 25 years, from ages 13 to 38. They did IQ tests on both ends. Of the 1000 people in the study only 38 showed any drop in IQ.  In addition there is some recent research showing that cannabinoids can actually help protect brain cells from Alzheimer’s disease. Perhaps smoking pot is a bit like enjoying a glass of wine. A little is suppose to be good for your health, while a lot isn’t.
  4. Marijuana is addictive
    So lets be clear, anything can be addictive. Some folks can’t go a day without working out and some would play video games till their eyes fall out. Comparatively, when it comes to marijuana individuals can become “dependent” on it as pain killer or muscle relaxer. But those numbers are extremely low in terms of that dependency becoming an addiction.Recently the National Institute on Drug Abuse reported only about 9% in a study showed any sort of dependency or addiction to marijuana after extensive use. So you’re probably more likely to be an addict to the latest intergalactic MMO video game versus a strain of indica.
  5. Munchies and Giggles
    Eating a ton of snack food after consuming some cannabis is a thing but not nearly as prevalent as movies would lead you to believe. There is part of the brain that is responsible for telling us to stop eating. It goes through some confusion after a joint. Consequently it may tell you to keep eating or it may give you the energy to clean your room and you forget all about food. Much of it depends on the strain.
  6. Too much weed can kill you
    No, it can’t. A high amount of marijuana can cause panic attacks or some extreme psychotic reactions but death isn’t one of them. Now, that can lead to someone injuring themselves or doing something that indirectly leads to their death like driving while impaired. So we always suggest responsible use! If you do smoke way too much or overeat an edible, you should be fine in time. However mixing marijuana with opioids can cause nausea and other serious side effects in some people.
  7. Marijuana will lead our nation to ruin – one of the other another myths about marijuana
    Well business insiders believe the opposite. A recent report suggested that the economy could get a bump of nearly $40 billion! Yes, that’s billion with a “b” by 2021 from the legalizing of marijuana. In California they expect to see the creation of almost 150,000 jobs by about that same time. So if it’s good for the economy maybe folks who believe it will hurt the country mean it will lead to more criminal activity. Well if it’s now legal, shouldn’t that lead to less arrest, less court cases, and less violent interactions with police?When weed became legal in Colorado in 2012 the state saw a 95% drop in marijuana arrests which was expected. Yet the drop in overall negative police interaction has resulted in more stable communities statewide. Why wouldn’t that be the same for the nation?
  8. marijuana mythsSmoking weed at 4:20 or on 4/20 is in referenced to Hitler’s birthday
    Sorry, no, it doesn’t. It has nothing to do with former dictator. Rumor has it that it’s about a group of Bay area teens who use to smoke weed at 4:20 pm behind the school. This became quite popular. Little did they know that this time reference would shape the culture of weed use.Grateful Dead guitarist Phil Lesh hired one of the 420 founders to assist with the band. They too began to celebrate the date and time. Also, former reporter for High Times, Steve Bloom. once received a flyer to a 420 party and submitted for print in the magazine. An issue in 1991 showcased the flyer and High Times continued to reference the number since. And honestly, why would anyone want to celebrate a genocidal maniac with a nice blaze of sativa?

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